Spotlight on Academic Excellence: Tina and Kristin’s Journey to Global Perspectives

11 Sep 2023

At Country Universities Centre Bass Coast, we are proud to celebrate the incredible achievements of our registered students. Tina and Kristin are two excellent individuals who have embarked on an exciting academic adventure that promises to extend their minds and nurture global perspectives.

Tina and Kristin’s academic adventure began with their acceptance into the highly anticipated 2024 Federation University Indonesia Public Health Study Tour. This marks a pivotal chapter in their academic pursuits, one that promises to be transformative in every sense.

The Indonesia Public Health Study Tour is a dynamic project meticulously crafted to provide undergraduate Nursing students with an immersive encounter with health promotion activities in the unique context of developing nations. It is an opportunity to step outside the familiar and into a world filled with rich experiences and invaluable lessons.

At the heart of this tour is a deep exploration of the intricate influences that shape health and well-being within resource-constrained environments. Tina and Kristin will delve into a multitude of facets, from understanding healthcare settings to unravelling the intricacies of health-seeking behaviours. They will examine social determinants, study the distribution of risk factors, and immerse themselves in the cultural intricacies that define health in this context.

We applaud Tina and Kristin for their participation in this transformative experience. Their dedication to expanding their horizons and embracing global engagement is truly commendable. We are excited to follow their journey and eagerly await the profound impacts it will have on their academic and personal growth.

Stay tuned as we share their experiences and insights, echoing the ethos of global engagement that lies at the core of Country Universities Centre Bass Coast. Tina and Kristin’s journey is not just their own; it’s an inspiration for all of us to explore, learn, and embrace the world’s diverse perspectives. We can’t wait to see how this experience shapes their futures and the positive impacts they’ll undoubtedly bring back to our community.





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