Join a group of passionate life-long learners who are dedicated to changing the future of rural education. ­Your role with the CUC Team will play an essential part bringing degrees close to regional and rural Australia.

“I love working with people whose passions and motivations align with my own. Being part of the CUC Family has been incredibly rewarding. We are all here working together to drive positive change for regional and rural communities – you can’t beat that.”

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Become part of the future of regional education in the Bass Coast region.

The need to support regional higher education students is unequivocal with those living in country areas half as likely to obtain a degree than their metropolitan counterparts.

We know that students who study locally are more likely to engage in the local workforce, providing country businesses with new opportunities to employ highly trained local professionals. That’s what makes our local community ownership and support so critical to our success.

We are on the lookout for new community champions who are interested in providing community support, engagement, and ongoing partnerships to continue to provide this essential service in the mid to long-term. Any collaboration would help support regional and rural communities to learn and excel.

We firmly believe that your postcode should not predetermine your potential. CUC Bass Coast has worked collaboratively with regional and rural communities with a shared purpose to increase equality of opportunity for higher education.

Every day, across our network we see, hear, and experience how we work is changing people’s lives for the better.

We believe that grass-roots community support is a vital component of our long-term viability. Every donation helps us in our goals to support regional students to succeed.

The Foundation of Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) is supporting CUC Bass Coast through its not-for-profit fundraising account. This means you can make a tax-deductible gift to FRRR and FRRR will make a grant to CUC Bass Coast of the money raised.

If you would like to support regionals students reach their potential, you can donate to the CUC general fundraising account, or directly to CUC Bass Coast. Please donate here: Community-led projects- Non-for-Profit Organisations, alternatively Donation Form- Country Universities Centre