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08 Aug 2022

At CUC Bass Coast, we are more than just a fantastic facility! We are continually working to position ourselves to foster collaboration between industry, schools, community, and universities to nurture higher education participation and localised career opportunities. With multi-sectoral partnerships we design and deliver engagement activities tailored to our local contexts to raise community awareness and exposure to education and support well-informed decision-making.

Last week CUC Bass Coast in partnership South Gippsland Bass Coast LLEN, YES Youth Hub and Maxima ran a Speed Career Conversations event. The event engaged the year nine students from Bass Coast College, providing them with an understanding of the world of work. The event involved 44 volunteers from various professions coming together to chat with groups of young people about their career journeys. The aim was to introduce young people to a wide range of jobs that are available to them, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to aim high. Students sat in groups, and volunteers rotated around the room, talking to each group for around 10 minutes. Students were given a list of questions created by young people to guide them to find out about each volunteer’s different job and career story.

Bryon, Deacon and Senior Constable Megan Krause

Feedback from the students and teachers at Bass Coast College has been highly positive and look forward to running this event again next year.

Kate MacDougall & Austin Cram- Town Planners BCSC

Over the course of the day, Austin and I were able to share our work experience and education alongside lots of other professionals from different industries and with different backgrounds. Not only was this event a great way to encourage the next generation of young people to pursue their passions (hopefully in town planning!), but it was also an important step in breaking down the barriers that young people can face in pursuing tertiary education in a regional area.


Nina Barry-Macaulay – Manager Customer, Communications & Advocacy SGSC

I saw my younger self in so many of these students. It was really special to be able to share with them some of my experiences, as a Wonthaggi Secondary College alumni. I really wanted to stress the importance that it’s okay to not know what you want to be doing as a career and to trust the process of sticking with things that you enjoy. For me, it took following my dreams and passion for Musical Theatre, to end up in a job which I love in the Public Service, a job I had no idea about when I was their age.


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